Our Extended Reach
Real estate development, especially land development, is perhaps one of the most local-specific practices imaginable. In field practice, it remains firmly rooted in the old economy. However, it is constantly being challenged by a new economy where there is often too much of a good thing. On every front, communities are fighting back – and rightly so. They object to an ever-increasing impact on their roads, school and limited resources.

Municipalities are coming out of the heady days of the last several years and are once again seeing budgets trimmed as robust tax revenues often force an overdue retreat. Smart growth, or sometimes lack of growth, challenges our industry. On one hand, we would like to work close to home, but due to demand and opportunity, we must go to where job growth and builders meet.

At Nyce & Co. we follow our builders as well as the market. We have worked in 17 Maryland and Virginia counties and are continuing to seek opportunities throughout the region. We understand the increasing difficulty in crafting development proposals suitable to community growth and environmental concerns. As a result, we have never lost a zoning case, or had to pull a planning application.

We always tell new clients and land sellers that we don’t claim to leap tall buildings in a single bound. However, we do promise to offer a realistic appraisal of the "doable." Once underway, we have a dogged determination to see a concept through to reality and completion. Our record attests to that. If you have a land parcel that needs financing or development, we stand ready to assist you.

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