The name says it all! We service what we build and go out of our way to do it. It’s not sexy; it’s not glamorous. But it is absolutely meeting the need.

Our job is to trail behind the elephants. We all know what that means. It means doing the follow-up repair, or maintenance -- picking up the slack if something doesn’t get done. After all, Murphy is alive and well, especially in the home-building business. For all its advanced product development, the building business is still a craft industry. But if you look past the glitzy advertisements, you’ll find very few craftsmen – people who still want and can work with their hands.

We are the exception. So make no mistake; there are still elephants around. There will come a time when you’ll be glad we’re in business.
Nyce & Co., Inc. • 10451 Mill Run Circle , Suite 400 • Owings Mills, MD 21117 • 410-356-8870 •

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