Real estate investment is inherently a business of risk. We offer no magic formula for avoiding this, but we do our best to thoroughly investigate potential investments before dollars are committed. And once committed, we stay the course.

Today, real estate transactions fail for two basic reasons:
  • The developer/investor follows the herd right over the cliff. Industry builds and builds until the market collapses under the weight of too much supply.

  • The team lacks staying power. You have heard it before. "If we had just been able to hold on." The age-old saying, "Don’t start something you can’t finish" holds true in real estate development. We have and will continue to finish everything we start. Our three decades in this business attest to that fact.

Fortunately, our investors are stable coming out of the supercharged 1990s. They are well positioned and solidly in place for this new century. Whether our investor owns a small business, is a practicing physician, a board member of a bank, a co-developer, a foreign investor, or the descendant of a robber baron of the 1800s, we hold to one inviolate rule:

We do not put our investors into deals if they cannot fulfill their commitments.

Each development is set up as a separate entity. For land development, see the reference to Sunchase Capital Partners LLC. Perhaps you will be selling to us in the near future!

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