This company is the engine for our growth, blazing a trail for new development opportunities in a tri-state area – Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina. Business used to just "walk in the door" for developers. No longer. Today, good land is hard to find. While often in highly desirable locations, property is sometimes constrained by local issues, schools, roads, or a zealous citizenry that really wants to practice what it preaches. They just say, "no!" They have borne the burden of too much of a good thing, and they want a breather. Unfortunately for the development community, this makes it difficult to locate land in the mid-Atlantic to perpetuate a desired standard of living with excellent schools and expanding employment opportunities.

This is where Southmark Realty earns its keep. As a separate entity, highly trained staff work closely with a limited number of the best land brokers in the region to locate new land development opportunities. So far it is working well!

Nyce & Co., Inc. • 10451 Mill Run Circle , Suite 400 • Owings Mills, MD 21117 • 410-356-8870 •

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