We have introduced you to our family of companies. If you thought we were saving the best for last, you were mistaken. Every family has a bit of a black sheep somewhere in its lineage. TechHomes is our little black sheep. Almost 30 years ago I wrote what I thought was a ground-breaking (no pun intended) paper on the subject of modular housing. It was this modular housing in the days of Operation Breakthrough and HUD Secretary George Romney that first introduced me to the joys and angst of real estate.

But try as we might with first one modular manufacturer and then another, we just haven’t found the savings in time and cost to justify the design limits of over-the-road modulars.

We keep the company license; we pine for it, in fact. But to date, we have not found a niche for this company to make its mark. Maybe someday. However, if you have property on an island, or own a lot on the side of a mountain, we will do our best to help. Otherwise, build it the old fashioned way, one stick at a time. Maybe add a panel or two, and consider yourself high tech.

A good pair
of hands
is still the
industry's most
critical resource.

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