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The affiliation with Rouse had a lot to do with Mr. Nyce’s future sensitivity to the needs of local communities when introducing a new development. Mr. Nyce has donated land parcels for a site for a county library, contributed cash for a school site and recreational facilities, and incorporated art into a planned community, among other contributions.
— Virginia Maritimer Magazine

Mr. Nyce believes the Baltimore-Washington region is a national leader in both residential and commercial development because many international firms place emphasis on proximity to Washington. Some of the housing his company will be introduced in the future "will be on the cutting edge," Mr. Nyce says. Developers will have to design housing to accommodate singles or several persons living together "because it makes sense."
 The Sunday Sun, Baltimore Real Estate Section

Mr. Nyce believes that house building in the United States is poised at the brink of what promises to be a very substantial decade, potentially the housing demand since World War II. Mr. Nyce himself is a somewhat mature post-war baby is an urbane American-likable but very businesslike or "business oriented." His vocabulary would have a London School of Economics graduate scrambling for the dictionary.
— Building Magazine, London

…Douglas Nyce sees foreign investment soaring during this decade. One major advantage of working with foreign partners is the longer-range view and patience in making profits that he and others cite as characteristic of foreign investors.
— The Washington Post, Real Estate Section

"Mr. Nyce is without a doubt the best front man I have ever seen. He takes the spear well."
— Opposing Counsel, The Capital, Annapolis, Md.

I have never worked with a more professional, creative group of people, and I congratulate you on everyone’s thoroughness and thoughtful planning and responsiveness to all requests.
— Richmond, Va. Zoning Counsel

"He’s (Nyce) not only into developments for the future, but personally values preserving historic structures. That’s the unique thing about him…and it’s a refreshing characteristic."
Richmond Times Dispatch, Chesterfield County Planning Director, a major Virginia jurisdiction

"We were a little skeptical of his plans at first, but he (Nyce) has delivered what he said he would do and even more so. That project is nicer than we thought it ever would be.’ …regularly places Kings Charter and the way Nyce went about it on a pedestal as a way other developers should follow."
— Richmond Times Dispatch, Hanover County Planning Director, second Virginia jurisdiction

"For what it’s worth, everyone I spoke with afterwards truly found your presentation enormously insightful."
— MAI appraiser

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