Unlike our other operating companies that work in the here and now, Trumbull Holdings, LLC is designed for the long haul. It has only one business platform, and that is to develop and hold investment property for the long term.

A boom in the U.S. economy in the past several years led to a type of easy money environment. Day trading was in with its instant gratification, and unfortunately, instant loss. Some investors, whether wise or naïve, thought this new economy had answers and was somehow better than the old economy that taught you to build a product right, wait for a return and be rewarded for your patience. Well, more recently we have seen one part of the economy that has stood the test of time. Well-positioned real estate brings the right dividends. It will stand by you in the long run.

At Nyce & Co., we still believe in it and always will. Trumbull Holdings makes this possible. No great downfield passes, just muddy yards up the field. Hard fought, well earned. We admit we are not experienced in every fact of income properties, but we have built a number of apartment communities and have some in the wings for new starts. We assure you, there are enough dynamics in the regional demographics of this market segment to keep us interested for some time to come. You can count on it.

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